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  • The Elevated Temperature Deformation of G115 Steel and the Associated Deformation Mechanism
    Sultan Alsagabi, Mohammed Alqahtani, and Abdulaziz Alajlan, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

    The next Generation-IV reactors need to be stand for a very high temperature. Structural materials have to resist that temperature; otherwise, damages could appear. G115 steel is a candidate structural material which has been considered in this work. The hot deformation behavior of G115 steel was carried out at elevated temperatures 500, 550 and 600'C with different strain rates ranging from 1x10-5 to 1x10-3 s-1. To derive the hot deformation constitutive equation, the universal hyperbolic-sine Arrhenius-type equation was utilized considering the ultimate stresses values for each condition. As a result, the activation energy of G115, which will assess the high-temperature deformation mechanism, was obtained to be 331 KJ/mol.

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